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our solitary snowdrop, once again soldiering early spring
March 24, 2007. As the space under my basement growlights is rapidly running out (and many more seeds have yet to sprout), I'm anxious for better weather so that the hardier seedlings can find their way outside. And finally, it looks like Ma Nature is cooperating, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s this week. It's been a strange winter - warm temperatures in January confused everyone and everything, and the dip into arctic conditions that followed soon thereafter surely didn't help the plants that had concluded spring was near. Then we got snow and rain from mid-February through mid-March, with extremely soggy conditions as a result - and a delayed emergence of the early-spring flowers. But finally, they're here: the rock irises, crocus, early anemones, and of course our dear snowdrop.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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