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any excuse to climb a tree!
April 28, 2007. Six days ago, before I left on a business trip to Siberia, the garden was just emerging from winter - I returned to find that spring has firmly taken ahold of the garden, following several unseasonably warm days and a few mild rainy ones. My camera was my best buddy today, taking photos of all the newly emerging plants. Everything is in full gear for next week's plant sale, and its preparation took most of today's gardening time. But there were some other garden chores to be dealt with - including the removal of two trees. The first, our fine little pear tree that had for years been the best producer in our tiny orchard, was an involuntary loss - it had struggled for a few years, and did not spring back to life this time. Its main structure will serve as a trellis of sorts, after I removed most of the smaller limbs. The removal of the second, and larger, tree was a conscious decision - made primarily by Amy, whose favorite crab apple was forever obscured and hindered by the large empress tree. Although I was fond of that tree, which I raised from seed some nine years ago, I had to agree that it didn't quite fit. Its stubborn refusal to bloom made the decision easier. I left the stump standing, to see if the tree has merit in a coppiced form. Stay tuned...

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