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May 28, 2007. After yesterday's hot weather was interrupted by a refreshing thunderstorm, this morning was wonderful for leisurely strolling and weeding through the side garden. After some time, Amy rounded the corner, and exclaimed "Oh no, it's a jungle again!" Sure enough, the growth spurt of the past few weeks has once again caused this section of our garden to balloon into overwhelming lushness. It is an older part of our garden with plenty of mature legacy plants - those that we shouldn't have planted where we did, but now that they're there, they just kind of stay. Even though Amy and I will never quite agree on how lush is lush enough (I like lots of plants!), I've made some progress over the years correcting some of those early mistakes. In time, this may yet become the show garden Amy is hoping for.

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home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

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