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Cyclamen hederifolium - an evergreen surprise today
January 12, 2008. A mild winter weekend day - perfect for engaging in some garden cleanup activities. I leave most of the dead stalks from perennials standing in fall, preferring the nature at rest look over that of clean-shaven beds. But by this time, many of the once stately stalks are toppling over, while remains of large-leaved lower-growing perennials (hostas are a good example) look like a mushy mess. And who wants to spend early spring, when you can be taking care of live plants, dealing with dead remains? So me and my trusty (and rusty) pruners made the rounds today. It struck me - this is not a young garden any more. At nearly 12 years, it not only sports lush growth in summer (which can be achieved within a year or two), but its shrubs and trees, the real bones of the garden, have come to define the space. Walking around in winter is a good time for contemplating the year ahead. So many areas of the garden need work! Some, like the side garden, are in dire need of an upgrade - a wholesale restructuring. Others, like the areas around our big pond, are still coming together. And I recently joined the North American Rock Garden Society, which means I'm newly energized to do something about our rock garden areas. And of course Lily wants a garden of her own, now that she's almost five years old! Plenty to look forward to...

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