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March 16, 2008. A mild weekend, with early-spring weather: a few peeks at the sun, a few bouts of rain, and mostly just impressively or drearily cloudy skies. Perfect for some pre-season puttering - straightening out the arbor that our new New Dawn rose is supposed to conquer this year, pulling a few dandelions, collecting blown-in trash, and looking for signs of new growth. And then, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye: ducks! Our big pond attracts its share of birds, but it's a bit small for waterfowl. Not that we'd want them to take up residence - their habits upset the nutrient balance we're trying to establish with our biological filtration system (see the algae in the picture? Too many nutrients already!)
But it was nice to have them explore our little waterscape for a bit - half an hour later, they were gone - off in search of more expansive nesting grounds, no doubt.

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