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April 05, 2008. Another weekend, another project. Today it was the rock garden's turn to be overhauled. Once again, all plants were carefully removed (some of them, I haven't yet figured out what they are!), the area somewhat expanded, lots of new soil (amended with sand and grit) added, along with new rocks I picked up at a farm field's discard pile. I had hoped to achieve something that was a bit more convincing as a natural outcropping, but I'm afraid I failed in that respect - the result looks more like a wedding cake than anything natural. I could blame the rocks, but it's probably more my lack of eye for placement. But even so, the new arrangement, having much more variation in the vertical dimension, as well as more isolated pockets, will offer a good home to rock garden plants of many types - a necessity, now that I've joined the North American Rock Garden Society and am growing many plants from its seed exchange! I'm also on their "opens garden to other members" list, although I'm not sure they'd be inspired by my culinary concoction...

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home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

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