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May 23, 2008. Today was the first day of garden dividends. After weeks of working hard to get ready for the plant sale, overhauling garden areas, putting in overtime to get all the seedlings planted, I can finally take a breather. Today was a lovely spring day, cool and sunny, after a week with lots of rainfall - in other words, perfect for just strolling around the garden, pulling some weeds here and there, and observing what plants are getting around to strutting their stuff. And once in a while, you look at a plant in a different way. Like this arisaema - I'd never noticed just how the stripes on the hood were patterned. A good subject for close-up photography! I don't know exactly which voodoo lily this is, but I'm having a good time watching its spadix unfurl amid its glossy green leaves.

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home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

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