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fun with muck
May 26, 2008. This holiday weekend I finally made good on a project I'd been intending to tackle for a long time: fixing the front end of our little pond. We put this one in ten years ago alongside our newly installed patio, and it was in need of some fixing - especially along the front edge, which had started to slope toward the water, causing the flat rocks used along its edge to slide in and expose the liner. The renovation was a fun project, involving draining the pond (which required catching the many fish and scooping many gallons of dark black muck from the bottom), peeling the liner back (oh wow, we used that old vinyl and scraps from our first carpet as underlayment!), and then building the front wall up using left-over bricks. All the time of course shuttling plants around. After all was finally put back in place, the pond was both clearer and more put-together - and I had acquired that indelible fragrance of pond muck.

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