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Erodium manescavii - entry number 100
June 22, 2008. For me, gardening has been a hobby that keeps on giving, by branching out into new hobbies: tinkering with websites, and taking photos of all those interesting and beautiful plant and animal life forms. I started my photography humble enough, with a Canon A70 3MP digital camera, upgraded a couple of years later to an A95 with 5 megapixels. Both have been great point-and-shooters; almost all of the photos on this website were taken with them, including all of the critter pictures. But early this year, I really started itching for a digital SLR, and finally broke down - the result is my newest toy, the Olympus E-510. While hardly top of the line, at ten megapixels it's got a good deal more resolution than its predecessors, and a lot more settings to set too.
Over the years, I've been asked a few times to sell a photo - for magazine or book publications, or promotional materials. The new camera seemed like a good excuse to make it a bit more official, so I've started my very own stock photo catalog, where I collect and offer for sale my more successful plant pictures. I'm writing this post on the occasion of the one-hundredth entry into the catalog. Although my photography has improved over the years, I'm still far from a professional photographer - but maybe some of my photos will fit just the right bill. And even if I don't sell any, it's still a great excuse to go and take pictures of my garden's inhabitants - who can complain about tinkering with two hobbies all at the same time?

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