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fresh from the oven
June 28, 2008. It was one of those pleasant garden surprises - the sour cherry set plenty of fruit, and the birds didn't eat it. Don't ask me why - in previous years, our share of the harvest was little to none (except for the one year where I arranged a bird net across it, but I found it to be too much trouble to repeat). But we'll take a windfall when we see one, and have now produced two cherry confections from our bounty. The first one was a warm-up act - an ugly-duckling pie produced with the first two cups of cherries we picked. When our good fortune held and we were able to harvest five more cups today, I baked a second one, this time full-sized. It may not be the most professional-looking culinary creation, but it tasted yummy!

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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