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Aster 'Purple Dome' coming into its full glory
September 21, 2008. Ah, fall is here - and today was early fall at its best - a crisp morning (the bedewed grass clippings made for a messy re-entry into the house!), followed by a Goldilocks temperature the rest of the day. I'm so lazy around the garden now - I'll still stoop down to pull a weed when I see one, but I don't go hunting for them (and trust me, there are plenty...). Even seed-collecting, which could be going at a frantic pace right now, ambles along at a leisurely pace. I look with a smile upon the bedraggled borders, seeing not so much the lack of neatness as all the color this season has to offer - the blues of asters, the yellows, oranges and burgundies of mums and sunflowers. Meanwhile, plenty of long-performing annuals and perennials keep on going at their own relaxed pace - harebells and cranesbills, morning glories, Mexican hats... It was even warm enough for a quick dip in the swimming pond - at a time that many traditional pools are being tucked in for the cold season, that's a special luxury. Even if my main activity was the removal of string algae, who are doing their fall bloom thing.

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