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primitivist art by Ben
April 04, 2009. A windy, chilly day - which made for a good excuse to make my almost-annual mushroom soil run, out to a farm near Kutztown. I need the stinky stuff for soil improvement in all kinds of places, including the veggie garden, to be applied over the course of early spring. But I had an immediate use in mind: the kids had been asking for larger garden plots, and no garden can be dug or enlarged without a large helping of organic matter. So I spent the afternoon stripping sod and digging to extend their garden areas. They each have about a four-foot section along our side fence; until yesterday, these were only about two feet wide, not enough to do much with. Now they're closer to square, nice blank slates for the new season. So what did my dear 7-year-old Ben do first? Make a mud decoration, that's what he did! Then he stuck in a lamb's ear, some chocolate mint, and a money plant for good measure.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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