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September 13, 2009. Late summer into fall is the messiest season in the garden. From the stark landscape of winter come the prim new beginnings of early spring, where each plant can be admired individually. The exuberance of late spring and early summer follows, and everything in the garden seems just right, colorful and bountiful but still in proportion. Then come the dog days of summer, and the Japanese beetles, and flowers turn to seedpods – and the garden takes on a messy-mop look. But it's not necessarily a bad hair day – I think of it as a funky 'do. In the scene here, sprays of blue wildflower asters on floppy stems provide some color among the developing panicles of sea oats, the seedheads of beetle-bitten swamp mallow, reddish-brown stalks where Siberian irises shone months ago – all offset by 'Diabolo' ninebark, now featuring its darkest coloration. For each season a different feeling, that's what a garden is all about.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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