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October 26, 2009. Oh, it's a typical autumn allright - veering between days of being pelted by windswept cold rain, and glorious mild sunny days with that particular quality of light... We had one of each this past weekend: after Saturday's winds blew most of the rest of the leaves off of many trees, Sunday was a delight. I don't spend enough time in the garden this season - it's about to dusk when I get home from work, and weekends seem to fill themselves with other activities - but when I do, I enjoy just strolling around, not doing much of anything in particular, and taking in the sights. Still, I was surprised by this one, the screaming colors of the hardy mum and the Japanese beautyberry competing for attention in a vivid vignette. Better enjoy it now, soon the only gardening left to do will be indoors.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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