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December 24, 2009. A couple of snowfalls have interfered with my good intentions of doing more garden cleanup before the dead of winter arrived - but I'm not complaining, it looks like we'll still have a pretty white view outside when Christmas morning arrives, even if there isn't more snow in the forecast. Right now, there's plenty of interesting, stark pictures of stalks and seedheads to be taken in the garden - but not a whole lot of lively green. This holly here is one of the few exceptions - it's the "boy" English holly we ordered years ago to serve as a stud for the variegated ladies we had previously planted. It quite obviously wasn't a boy, but I guess that worked out alright in the end - the variegated beauties are no longer with us, while our transgendered stud brings bright red berries every year!

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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