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December 25, 2010. Merry Christmas! Breaking yet another long radio silence (induced at least in part by an unfortunate bicycle crash, resulting in a nasty shoulder injury) to report on winter sights at the Lush Gardens. Not so lush, in fact - the garden has definitely reached that winter dead-stick look. Although we've had one decent snowfall and some pretty nippy temperatures, the snow is long gone, and today the was chilly but not uncomfortable: good for an observation stroll. This is a good time to see the bones of the garden - and one of the boniest sights is the tangle of ghostly white brambles of Rubus thibetanus. It has to fight for recognition when surrounded by its eager neighbors in summer, but right now, it has the scene all to itself!
Seed-starting has commenced, albeit at a less frantic pace than previous years. I'm looking forward to a season of gardening with friendlier weather than 2010. Wishing all of you a healthy dose of gardening fortune and serendipitous magic in 2011!

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