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February 19, 2011. Behold the mighty saguaro cactus! Last year, I tended to a friend's gloxinias while he was on assignment in Arizona for a few months. As a thank-you upon returning, he gave me a grow-your-own-saguaro kit, so that I could grow the majestic Carnegiea gigantea for myself. That was late spring, and I didn't get around to starting them until recently. The kit came with a little terracotta pot and some gritty soil mix, along with a good number of seeds. I followed the instructions, and waited for a few weeks to see if anything would happen. Just when I was about to give up, there they were! I can't wait to be the first one on my block to grow the king of the desert flora in my front yard - wouldn't it look grand, poking up through the snow in the middle of winter? One can dream, anyway.

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