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February 27, 2011. We had some warmer days the past couple of weeks - as a result, the heavy pack of snow that had accumulated in late January is just about gone. The rock garden is all exposed now. Even though as a whole it looks pretty barren, a slightly closer look reveals all kinds of evergreen plants. In most cases "evergreen" doesn't mean attractive, since the plants are looking quite bedraggled by now, but at least the color confirms their readiness to push out and thrive as soon as spring arrives. And in a few cases, the color is in fact attractive even now, such as this Sedum angelina. Her regular-season color is a bright chartreuse, but during the cold season, she takes on a coppery cast. The fact that I'm even looking at the garden means it's nice outside, and spring is right around the corner!

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home garden plants wildlife seed plant sale topics guestbook journal plantlinks

Last modified: September 09, 2009
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