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Just a few pots lined up so far
April 14, 2011. Well, I finally made up my mind – I will have a plant sale this year, on May 7th, but it will be a smaller affair than recent years, given the havoc wrought on our garden's plants by last summer's drought and the limited time to prepare between scouting, soccer, baseball, and softball. It feels good to have made the decision – I can be off on my usual spring routine of puttering around the garden, pulling weeds as I identify volunteer plants to pull up, others to divide, and just generally reconnecting with the flora at Lush Gardens. To celebrate, I took the afternoon off (it was a nice day in between the spring storms that have been visiting us so regularly this season) to get a start on things. I got a few old favorites potted up, mostly from our sale plot (which holds plants of which I had a surplus in last year's sale). So I got to clear my plants for sale list, to make room for this year's offerings. I'm looking at a few very busy weeks!

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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