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Garden journal entry


April 22, 2011. This website has been going for a little over 7 years by now. Every season, I routinely venture outside armed with my camera to take pictures of whatever catches my interest around the garden. So you'd think that I would have captured the showy moments of just about all our long-time garden denizens, wouldn't you? Well, it doesn't always work out that way. I was recently surprised to find that I was lacking a photo of our weeping cherry in bloom: I had pictures of its summer stature, its fall foliage, and its stark winter structure, all showing worthwhile aspects of this tree. But the feature that makes people want to grow this tree, its abundance of pink flowers in early spring, somehow was never captured on camera. There's a reason for that, of course: the flowers are overhead and not easy to photograph when I'm walking through the side garden where it's planted, and its location in our garden doesn't lend itself to a photo that captures its full flowering glory. But still, I resolved to rectify the gap in my plant pages, and finally got a few pictures to show on my weeping cherry page.
Meanwhile, there is more action in the garden, so I'm working on a backlog of other pictures to upload. As usual this time of year, the rock garden holds great promise; it is already looking pretty cool with the different shapes and sizes of the succulents tucked into nooks and cascading down cracks, and soon flowers will be joining the show.

Also this week, I received a plea from the Rodale Institute, who are looking for volunteers to help out around the experimental farm and research center in rural Berks County. You can read more about volunteering on this page.

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