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June 18, 2011. That kids' fort in the background of the firewood border in the previous post? It was due to come down today, but when I started in on the demolition job, I noticed that some of the wood (which came from a neighbor's remodeling project) was just about the right size for a different project. Not a gardening project, exactly – but since my garage is the staging area for both my plant sale and gardening duties in general, I figure it's close enough to warrant an entry in this journal. The problem: a proliferation of bicycles. We're a family of five, plus I have three bicycles to feed my road biking habit as well as my tendency to commute to work on two wheels – so that makes seven bicycles to store in an already-messy garage space. The two-by-four and two-by-ten lumber I extracted from the fort was just right to rig up a rudimentary bike rack (with one slot to spare, for future expansion). For now, at least, the bike situation is under control (although they still take up lots of space - see the fully filled rack).

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