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June 21, 2011. Oenothera 'Tina James Magic', continued. After witnessing the plant in its fully beaming state, I was determined to catch the individual flowers in their famous act of spirally unfurling. So I set up my camera on a tripod around 8:30pm yesterday, focused the lens on a promising bud, and proceeded to do some weeding around the general area (I'm not usually known to linger much in one area of the garden, but I wanted to be there for the show), snapping a photo every few minutes to catch the rather subtle early changes. The real show didn't start until it got a good bit darker, around 8:45pm. I called Lily, who recently turned eight, out into the garden because I knew she'd be intrigued by the flowers too, and together we watched as one by one, the flowers burst open, each taking maybe half a minute to proceed from mostly-furled to fully-unfurled. The photos on this page are a selection of the full series shown on the page linked above; the last several shots in that series were taken as fast as the camera would go (a few seconds apart, in the low light levels we had). I'm happy that fifteen years in, the garden still throws neat new surprises my way.

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