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Maddy inspects the damage
August 31, 2011. Look what Irene did! Somehow, it took us a few days to notice that our beloved Bradford pear (planted toward the back of our yard, behind the big pond and the back-yard island) had been badly bullied by the hurricane that blew through on Sunday. Lots of rain, some high winds, but overall the damage was modest around our area. Unfortunately, the soggy soil combined with high winds and a healthy leafy canopy conspired to topple the tree right over, smack onto our shed. Amy was heartbroken, since it was the first tree we planted together, back before we got married – so my mission was to attempt to salvage part of the tree. I don't think I was too successful – even after sawing off the majority of the major branches and uprights, the trunk didn't want to turn back upright. I guess the roots that remained intact reconfigured themselves underneath the soil, resisting a return to a skyward orientation. I may prop the trunk up at an angle, with a pile of rocks supporting its lean, and see what happens. In any case, the tree will never return to its former glory, and it's conspicuously absent from our view across the back yard.

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