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June 01, 2012. Double take, take two. While the original double take I posted a few weeks ago is amazingly still hanging on, a new one popped up in a different part of the garden. Our driveway bed is home to several thuggish but irresistable (in fragrance, such as chocolate mint, or in cutness, such as alpine strawberry) plants. The most prolific of the bunch is evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa 'Rosea'), which emerges somewhat late in spring (early May, usually), but makes up for it by quickly extending its whispy stems. While those stems are just sturdy enough to stand up on their own, they gratefully accept whatever support they can find from neighboring plants. Then, within a month of waking up, they suddenly burst into bloom and color a large swath of the bed in a pleasant pastel pink. The Russian sage in the photo here is at the left-most extent of the Oenothera's stand, and so I was surprised and amused this week to see what appeared to be a large pink flower sprouting from its upright stem (which isn't due to bloom for some months yet.

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