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September 12, 2012. It must be getting late in the season: my habanero peppers are ripening up! When I first started gardening, I had lots of fun growing all kinds of chile peppers, including each of the different Capsicum species. However, my kids were mostly averse to spicy foods, so I dropped the habit in most recent years, usually growing only a jalapeno plant or two. But this year, I made a stop at a local greenhouse famous for its multitude of pepper varieties, and picked up a few different kinds - including an aji, which makes skinny scarlet-red hot peppers, and for the first time in many years, some habaneros (C. chinense). I selected the 'Chichen Itza' variety, which is supposed to be orange – but it looks more like salmon or peach to me. In any case, I now stand to harvest a nice number of these hot chiles, which of course raises the question: what will I do with them? The answer may very well be "nothing", but if I find some time I'll try to use them to make a roasted-pepper hot sauce, which I did once or twice all those years back. I love habaneros because they have such a distinctive flavor in addition to their heat, and that comes through nicely in the sauce. So yeah, I really should try to find the time to do that.

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