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December 28, 2012. The little curious things you'll find when you go out on a leisurely stroll through the back yard... One of the shrubs planted in the very back of our curve garden is a Sophora davidii. It's a bit of a gangly thing, and I'm never quite sure if it will survive another year – but I keep it around for its pretty flowers. Like the rest of the decidous woodies in our garden, it dropped its leaves some time ago. So I was surprised to see a few areas of new growth when I passed by today. While the majority of the shrub has that winter-dead appearance, one newish branch was fully decked out with the neatly arranged dark-green leaflets that are another of this species' charms. Not weather-beaten older leaves that were just hanging on for dear life, but brand new ones, looking like they're ready to conquer the world! In one or two other places, I spotted much smaller new green sprigs. No doubt, they'll soon be done in by a hard freeze – we haven't had anything below the mid-20s yet this year – but I admire the optimism evident from what I assume is a precocious growth flush.

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