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June 21, 2013. Two days late. Had I been there with my camera a couple days ago, the white flowers of Aruncus aethusifolius would not yet have faded, showing off the red-and-yellow Spigelia marilandica to even greater effect. Ah well, even if you don't get the picture at its prettiest, I got to admire it earlier this week. As usual, the combination is entirely fortuitous – I most likely had even forgotten about the late-rising spigelias when I planted the aruncus in their front-of-the-border location. In the background you can catch a glimpse of the air conditioning unit – it's a new one, installed just a few weeks ago, and to set it in place, the installation guys tromped through a good swath of the shade garden. So that area looks even funnier than usual, with a bare strip running right in between all the bold-leaved plants (hostas, ligularia, rodgersia, tricyrtis, and others) that vie for some diffuse light in that space. But not to worry: it will be filled up in just a few weeks. By then, the flowers in this picture will have faded, but the bold foliage look will be just dandy too.

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