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Last year's growth makes a convenient handle!
May 15, 2014. Our native weeds, er, wildflowers are marvellous creations! Take this American pokeweed: obviously very well adapted to its native conditions, because it grows just about everywhere along roadsides and fields – and consequently makes for a powerful weed in the garden, especially if it's left to do its thing for a bit too long. That was clearly the case with this mighty specimen, which found the perfect place to grow: in the secondary pile of county compost that I keep behind our shed for those mid-season soil amendment needs. I must not have had many such needs last year, because this lady obviously had lots of time to grow without human interaction, building a most impressive root system. And because its chosen home was such loose soil, it came up easily with all roots intact – much unlike most pokeweeds, which are hard to extract and typically leave their roots behind when yanked. Looking at the structure of these roots, it's easy to see why. I can't help but admire a plant like this – even though in the end, it will still wind up being composted itself.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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