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November 16, 2014. I ventured out into the garden one afternoon this past week, armed with my camera to catch some of the seasonal color: the firy leaves of the Kwanzan cherry, Virginia sweetspire, red chokeberry, and any others I could spot. I expected to find yellows, oranges, purples, and reds all around me – and I did. But one sighting took me by surprise: the profusion of yellow flowers on our 'Kumson' forsythia. We mainly grow this one for its variegated leaves, although it does provide the same yellow flowers as common forsythia in early spring. To tell the truth, ours is tucked into a mostly shady, out-of-the-way corner of the garden, so it doesn't get much attention. Maybe that's why it decided to go all out on this late-fall day and strut its floral stuff. It's not even like we had very odd weather – sure, we had a few mild days following a few colder ones, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Pennsylvania autumn; not like a stretch of seventy-degree weather in January, like we had a few years ago, which really messed up the garden's sense of time. And it's not like a couple of flower buds got confused and opened prematurely, as sometimes happens on our nectarine tree on a warm day in winter – no, 'Kumson' went all out, producing a full bloom, which probably means it won't repeat the act come spring. And that's OK – I'd rather be surprised once in a while than be treated to the same predictable displays year after year.

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