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January 11, 2015. As usual, I've allowed a lot of time to pass by between posts as fall petered out and winter arrived. After more than ten years of maintaining this site, pretty views into the snowy back yard, or even gnarly ice sculptures generated by the water fountain in the pond, aren't so novel any more. And sure, I've been starting my seeds, and have quite a few little greenlings to show for it under the basement lights – but I've shown those before, too. So I'm OK with a longer hiatus between posts – spring, and new inspiration, will be here soon enough. Still, just to show I'm still alive and looking out that window, I thought I'd check in here. We've been enjoying the birds on our back patio quite a bit this year: our three feeders in the direct vicinity keep them (and the resident squirrel) quite happy. They've learned to evade the cat, as well as the hawk that likes to pop in from time to time, and spend their time flitting about the trees and shrubs around our patio – and the more daring ones venture onto our patio table, where the feeder-filling process leaves tasty morsels aplenty. Mr. Cardinal here is sampling the offerings, while the other littlun (I've not quite figured out what his or her name is) enjoys the view from atop one of the few hypertufa troughs that winter outside.

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