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Armeria welwitschii in shades of green and purple
March 15, 2015. It's melting, it's melting away! After the second cold and snowy winter in a row, with temperatures dipping well below zero on several occasions and the yard reduced to an expanse of snow for several months, a stretch of warmer days has finally allowed a glimpse of the plant life below. In most of the garden, there's not much to write home about, but the rock garden (which is two-thirds clear of snow) has a high proportion of evergreen plants. So that's where I focused my attention today – seeing which plants were first in line to treat me to some much needed green. I was delighted to see that my single specimen of Gentiana occidentalis ssp. aragonensis had made it through another winter, looking positively prim and proper. The rock soapwort looks no worse for the wear, its formidable mat of purple stems and dark-green leaves looking ready to take over more of the rock garden than I will allow. Its cousin Saponaria boissieri is considerably more compact, but likewise ready for the season. Various eryngiums, sedums, sempervivums, and dianthus add to the cast of greens in the rockery. And then there's the Armeria welwitschii (if that is in fact what it is – its identity is still somewhat in question), which had some leaves die back, but the ones that didn't make a lovely patch of purple and green interplay. Hopefully more regular updates from the garden aren't too far away now. Spring had better hurry up, because I have hundreds of seedlings that are itching to graduate from the basement out to the garden proper!

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