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May 02, 2015. April was good – milder weather with some nice days, but nothing too hot, which meant that the flowering trees kept their blossoms going for a long time. Meanwhile, I've been using every spare minute (which are scarce, these days) moving last year's seedlings from the nursery area out into the various garden areas, and planting this year's seedlings in their stead. By now, the garden is starting to look nice, with the usual early-season bloomers strutting their stuff. But nothing out of the ordinary, which has left me without much inspiration for adding to my journal: after ten years, it's only the large projects and the sudden surprises that move me to write here. No large projects this spring (but the smaller one worked out nicely: those troughs are right at home on the new shelves), and few surprises. But today, I hit on a pleasant surprise: I spotted this Viola labradorica blooming in full view in a forlorn corner of our shrub border. I grew this violet for years, and was always charmed by its combination of purple leaves and blue flowers – but it disappeared from our garden several years ago. I made several attempts to re-establish a population with seed from trades and exchanges, but didn't get any germination. So this was a very welcome sight. The seed from which it sprouted must have laid dormant for quite some time! For now, the violet still lives in the spot where it popped up, but I may give it a more prominent home sometime soon.

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