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May 31, 2015. It's penstemon time! The photo here shows Penstemon cardinalis ssp. cardinalis in all its glory, but that is just one of at least seven species I counted blooming in our rock garden today. Two of them red (you can spot just a little bit of the pine-leaf penstemon in the background), one white, a pink, a blue, and two in the lavender-to-violet spectrum. That's not the end of it for the year, but it has to be peak bloom. Given how most penstemons are finnicky about germinating, and staying alive through our wet winters, it's great to see the fruits of all those efforts come together in such a small area of the garden. A few more are blooming, or have just finished blooming, in our hypertufa troughs. Of course those penstemons have to put on a good show, because there are so many other flowers clamoring for attention in the garden right now. Even the dearth of rain we've had all month (it's finally raining this evening, yay!) hasn't put a damper on the show, which includes oriental poppies, peonies, early sages, irises, geraniums, and dozens of others. A good time to garden!

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