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June 12, 2015. In recent years, I've posted a few times about my hypertufa troughs, including the trough shelf project earlier this year. I enjoy them a great deal, especially because they are close at hand and there's almost always something coming into bloom or otherwise interesting in the assembly of containers. But most of them still look like an excessively mulched professionally landscaped garden: lots of blank space, with individual plantlets in a sea of pebble mulch. This despite the fact that I've tried to cram in quite a few species into many of the troughs. The look that I'm going for is the tastefully growing-together, oh so smartly arranged one. Says the gardener who doesn't have much of a sense for design. But of course plants do their thing regardless of the gardeners, and often they just work it out in pleasing ways. So it is with this trough, which I made last year using a hanging basket as a mold, and planted earlier this spring with a mixture of second-year plants and seedlings. Those seedlings won't do anything this year, but are already contributing some foliage texture (a dwarf columbine, and new-to-me Cotula 'Tiffindell Gold'. Meanwhile, the Scabiosa japonica and Sedum glaucophyllum are strutting their floral stuff, and I expect the gentian to contribute some flowers later this year. I'm pleased with this one.

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