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Meadow fritillary - Boloria bellona
July 14, 2015. After nearly twenty years of tending our garden, I don't often encounter butterflies that I haven't seen fluttering around before. So when I do, I run out and grab my camera, and hope like heck that the butterfly is still there when I return. Luckily, this meadow fritillary was quite patient with me, perhaps because it was such a hazy lazy warm afternoon, and it was enjoying its perch on the purple coneflower. This is the first fritillary of any kind that I recall visiting the garden. Which is odd, because they are certainly widespread around the northern part of the eastern United States, and our garden provides lots of violets, which are the larval host plant for these butterflies. Maybe this one will go tell its friends about our garden, so we can have more pretty visitors like him/her.

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Last modified: September 09, 2009
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