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Multi-eyed jumper
September 10, 2016. Well, it was only a matter of time before our new abode in Texas would present its first garden-related photographic opportunity. Actually, there had been one before, involving an anole lizard, but I neglected to put that one up on this site, so you get the second one: a twinflagged jumping spider (Anasaitis canosa) that was happily exploring our kitchen counter. He outwitted the protections put in place by the extermination company: we've been convinced that it is downright impossible to do without routine extermination services in these parts, and so far we've given in to the local trend. But our little guest apparently found a way around those defenses. Which is reassuring, to some extent: while I certainly would prefer not to encounter brown recluse or black widow spiders, I'm not keen on a plot of land devoid of insect life. Hopefully we'll find a happy medium.

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