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April 13, 2017. Starting new plants from seed has always been a huge part of my gardening experience, with basement seed operations occurring under light from December through April in our Pennsylvania home. Alas, our Texas home has no basement, and until recently it didn't have much garden area to receive seedlings either – so I've done hardly any seed-starting in the past two years. But two weeks ago, I decided it was time for a modest re-entry into the activity, so I dug this small plot to serve as a seed bed. Aside from vegetable gardening, I've never done much direct-seeding outside, and sure enough, the results from my initial attempt are almost exclusively edible (beans and squash), ornamental plants being no-shows for now. I may have started too late, with temperatures here already into the 80s most days. But I'll keep trying – at least I have a sandbox now!

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