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April 14, 2017. After four days of hard work by a three-man crew, our new pond is up and running! The design came out different from what we had envisioned, thanks to the creative approach by the expert installers, but we like the final result, which features a smallish bog filter up high, from which two spillways crash down - one onto a cascade that flows directly into the pond below, the other into a gentle stream flanked by a couple additional pocket bogs that burbles its way to the other side of the pond. The overall flow pattern results in a satisfying sound of crashing water, and three submerged lights provide some drama after sunset. Our pond package included a variety of bog plants as well as two tropical waterlilies ('Colorado' and 'Tina'), which we supplemented with some more marginal plants. We also got some starter goldfish – three comets and three shubunkins, We cheated, and also purchased a small rainbow koi (named Suki), even though our pond isn't quite large enough to be a koi pond. And we were delighted to spot a tadpole in the pond, which must have hitched a ride in one of the waterlily containers. The water is still cloudy with rock dust (so we can't see our fish), and the plants have that plopped-in look for now, but pretty soon everything will meld together. We're hopeful that the pond will incite us to spend more time outside – especially since I took the opportunity this week to use the fill and sod from the pond excavation to build quite a large new planting area along the back fence. Our backyard really feels like a garden now!

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