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papaloquelite, just planted
June 18, 2017. Since our new neighborhood is themed around farming and gardening, it only seemed right that we'd give the associated CSA (community-supported agriculture) operation a try. For a fixed cost per week, we get a box of organically grown veggies delivered to our door every Saturday. We're about two months in, and so far the value of the deal is questionable, at least for our family – but it's certainly been entertaining to see what every week brings. There's always an odd assortment – until recently, mostly of cool-season veggies like beets, turnips, and kohlrabi, and, much to Amy's dismay, copious quantities of daikon radish. The past few weeks, the boxes have shifted to green and red tomatoes, various peppers and squashes, and okra. And, for the past three weeks, a tidy bunch of bare-root herbs we didn't recognize. A quick look at the CSA website identified them as papaloquelite, or summer cilantro – a fragrant herb with a flavor somewhere between cilantro, arugula, and rue, with a hint of nasturtium. We couldn't come up with a good use for them, so the first two bunches eventually found their way into our composter. But I decided to treat this weekend's offering differently, instead attempting to grow the herbs on in our garden to witness their habit for myself – and maybe, just maybe, we'd come up with a use for the flavorful leaves at some later stage of the year. And our garden has lots of unused space for now; nature abhors a vacuum, and so do I, so let's fill it with mystery herbs instead! About a dozen plantlets are set in a few groups around the backyard. Hopefully, some of them will survive. I'll document their progress here.

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