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Our new pride of Barbados found a home along the back fence
September 07, 2017. Starting a new garden has been full of experiments. Most of our old favorite plants aren't available here, and the selections at local nurseries are mostly unfamiliar. So we usually return from nursery trips with a jumble of new-to-us plants to try. Even though those plants are presumably good choices for our climate, I've still found that many of them perish quickly. This may be partly because we did a lot of planting in early May, right after our waterfall pond installation kick-started our back yard – and that's when things were starting to get real hot. So more plants than I care to think about have bitten the dust by now, and hurricane Harvey threw a few more into disarray, leaving the garden with some new holes alongside the sparsely planted border bits that we simply hadn't gotten around to yet. Hopeful that this is a better time to plant (no temperatures above 90°F in the 10-day forecast!), and spurred on by the late-season sale at a local nursery chain, Amy and I went on a shopping spree today. We returned with yet more tropical color (I'm hoping for a mild winter!), with such local favorites as pride of Barbados and shrimp plant (both of which should please the hummingbirds that have recently been visiting our garden), Louisiana irises, a few cannas, and a few plants that were altogether unfamiliar. Of course we got some old favorites as well, mostly in the seasonal department: Amy wouldn't be without mums in the fall (even though autumn is a different beast here), and we picked up some gazanias, curious to see how they'll do in this climate. I'll have a good time finding places for all of them in our garden, and hope that they'll find the somewhat cooler weather more to their liking.

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