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November 23, 2017. Today, Thanksgiving Day, is delightful. Overnight temperatures dipped into the very chilly range, then the bright sunshine this morning brought them back up into the 60s, with hardly any humidity. As good as it gets on the Texas Gulf Coast! I spent the morning walking to and fro in the garden, taking care of little chores, some minor weeding, getting ready for a neighborhood garden club event this weekend, and generally just enjoying the pleasant conditions. In Pennsylvania, I would venture out into the garden this time of year in search of the few last flowers that I could highlight in a journal post like this – but here, such a post would take up way too much room, since all those silly tropicals just keep on blooming their hearts out. I'm not complaining. To make things even better, I spotted two of my favorite garden creatures in quick succession: first a green anole lounging on a big plumeria leaf, and then a huge praying mantis way high up in the cape honeysuckle. Both are predators in the garden, helping to keep nature in balance (and hopefully snacking on more mosquitoes than butterflies). Now we just need a snake or two and we'll be all set!

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