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The stricken plumeria
December 10, 2017. The night of snow in my previous post turned out to be the first of three consecutive nights in which the temperature dropped just below the freezing point (no more snow, though). While some tender plants looked OK after the first night, many had clearly had enough after the third. Alas, this included the plumeria – the one cluster of buds I'd been watching for weeks is dead as a doornail, along with nearly all the leaves on the plant. So I didn't get to see it bloom after all. The stems of the plant seem firm, and may be alive and well; I'm contemplating taking cuttings to see if I can root them.
The garden walks will be less uplifting from here on out, with so many of the tropical and tender plants reduced to a blackened mess. But that's allright – even in Houston, there has to be a winter. The warmth of spring will be here soon enough. I'll be looking for signs of life and regrowth on many of the plants that were whacked this week.

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