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April 14, 2019. Texas throws some crazy weather at us! We had previously marked hurricanes, freak freezing rain events, extreme heat, torrential thunderstorms, and even snow on our checklist – but yesterday brought something new again: hail! Big hail! Thunderstorms had been in the forecast, but we weren't prepared for the few minutes of icy onslaught that hit us in the afternoon. All around us the racket was incredible: when inch-diameter iceballs hit hard surfaces, it's loud! In the end, we were happy to find that our windshields were intact, and the house hadn't sustained obvious damage. In the aftermath, the yard was strewn with curiously layered ice-spheroids, and the temperature had dropped instantaneously from hot to cool. Amazingly, the garden denizens took it in stride – a few of the larger flowers were tattered, a few branches ripped by the fierce winds that accompanied the thunderstorm, but for the most part the borders didn't show much sign of having been mercilessly pelted just minutes before. So we'll add this to our checklist, always wondering what Houston will surprise us with next...

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