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Regrowth from the roots of our coral bean (Erythrina bidwillii)
April 24, 2021. Having gardened through two freak freezes in Texas now, I'm getting a feel for what does and what doesn't survive when arctic blasts descend upon the Gulf Coast. I'm still watching for signs of life on a few plants (I just noticed the regrowth on the coral bean in the photo today), but the picture is getting clear now, more than two months after winter storm Uri passed through. So I decided to put up an overview of somewhat tender plants that did and didn't make it this time around – noting also which ones survived the previous freeze in 2018 but not this year's event. Survival depends on many things – our lemon tree's survival, compared to the demise of the nominally much hardier satsuma oranges, was mostly because the former was smaller and easier to protect with mulch and a blanket. So don't take the list as a great reference as to which plants are hardier than others – just a snapshot of what happened in a particular garden. For many species, details of just how the plants fared (from no damage at all, to top growth kill followed by regrowth from base or from the roots, to outright death) can be found on the individual plant portraits. I hope that's at least somewhat helpful to someone...

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