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A well-hydrated work site
June 07, 2021. Ah, Texas. You never know what's coming your way, weather-wise. Last weekend I decided it might be nice to expand the garden border in front of our rock garden, and started the project by stripping the sod from the area and getting the digging process underway. My method of border construction is laborious, and involves digging at least a shovel-depth below the base (which is already lower than the lawn because of the stripped sod), so that I can bury that whole pile of bermudagrass without risking it coming back up to invade the new border. Plus, of course, I like the loose soil, with some organic matter added. So the worksite always gets messy, with piles of sod, mountains of dug soil, and a traveling pit where I'm actively digging. After a few hours of work the first day, the rains started – and didn't let up for most of the week. So those pits became ponds (Amy was hopeful they were the prelude to her long-sought-after swimming pool). Since our clay soil doesn't drain too well, and we'd already had plenty of rain in the weeks prior, the water stuck around for quite a while, but finally, by the next weekend, I could restart the project. In my next post, I hope to show the new garden area.

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