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October 05, 2021. A few months have passed since I finished the rock garden zone. Shortly after my previous report, I spread a good bit of pea gravel across the whole area to serve as a non-moisture-retentive mulch. I'd not tried anything like that before, but we like the look, and the plants seem to like it too. The few plants I installed in the area have done pretty well, but they're not fast growers. On the other hand, quite a few volunteers have popped up (not counting the weeds, which I've been pulling diligently, hoping that the various euphorbia wildlings will eventually give up): plenty of jewels of Opar and scarlet sage, both of which already grew nearby, but also a few patches of Dahlberg daisies, which were a bit of a surprise. I'd had a few of them in a neighboring border, but they hadn't returned this year in their original spot. So I guess they quite like the setting of the new area, and their cheerful yellow flowers are certainly welcome. Keeping the central almond verbena in check will be an ongoing job: it wants to grow much bigger than is ideal for the small space, so I take loppers to it regularly. It doesn't seem to hold a grudge about that. So I have high hopes for our rock garden zone – stay tuned for updates in years to come.

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