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It lives!
April 03, 2022. Apologies for the long hiatus – for a while, there wasn't much new to write about, and for the past few weeks, I've been busy keeping up with the springtime acceleration in the garden. I could spend a full week hacking away at the rampant weeds and still not be done! But I've made some progress, and also decided to try selling a few plants again. Not one big plant sale, as I did in Pennsylvania, but a few plants here and there on "open afternoons" on the weekends. I haven't established a reputation or a clientele yet, so it's been slow-going, but we'll see. I do enjoy potting up plants to share with fellow gardeners, and hope that most of them will make their way into suitable homes in the next few weeks. Amid all that activity, Amy and I did find some time one Saturday to go to a local nursery that prides itself on carrying native plants. One of the things we were looking for was a redbud, preferably the Texas subspecies, to replace one of the citrus trees that had died behind our pond in last year's freeze. Alongside several regular redbuds, we found one spindly texensis representative, with two of last year's leaves still attached. By the time we had hauled it to the checkout counter, those leaves had fallen off, leaving us with a pencil-thin stick supposedly worth fifty dollars. Well, we took the plunge, and watched anxiously for signs of life in the following weeks. And sure enough, in recent days, promising buds started to develop, which soon produced shiny delicate new leaves. We hope our tree will be happy in its new home and grow quickly: we're looking forward to the flower show!

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