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April 17, 2022. In the earlier days of my gardening hobby, most gift-giving occasions brought new pieces of garden art to be displayed around the burgeoning borders. Only a few of them made the trip from Pennsylvania to Houston (the smaller pieces tend to have a limited life span in the garden anyway), and since then there have been a few new items added – most notably, a bicycle spinner and a big green man – but the pace has definitely slowed down. So it was time for something new, and the spirit of vacation (a spring-break trip Amy and I made to Fredericksburg) was just the incentive to come back with something new for the garden. We found this balancing act at Wildseed Farm (where alas, the wildflowers were not yet in bloom at the time) and decided it struck the right balance between whimsy and substance (in size, anyway) – so it now lives in our garden. We might consider it a monument to our aging cat Bear, who calls the back yard his home, and despite his various ailments can be spry when the mood strikes – like last week, when he brought us a dead rat, no doubt captured near our compost pile where the pickings are good for rat families. We hope that in the metal version, the feline never catches the rodent.

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