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Family: asteraceae

General resources

Species of Aster

Aster hybrids and unidentified species
Aster acuminatus
Aster adscendens
Aster ageratoides
Aster aitchisonii
Aster albescens
Aster albus
Aster alpigenus
Aster alpinus
Aster altaicus
Aster amellus
Aster anomalus
Aster ascendens
Aster asperulus
Aster asteroides
Aster azureus
Aster barbellatus
Aster batangensis
Aster bietii
Aster bigelovii
Aster brevis
Aster bulleyanus
Aster carolinianus
Aster chilensis
Aster chinensis
Aster ciliolatus
Aster ciliosus
Aster coloradoensis
Aster concolor
Aster conspectus
Aster cordifolius
Aster curtisii
Aster diplostephioides
Aster divaricatus
Aster drummondii
Aster dumosus
Aster eatonii
Aster elliottii
Aster ericoides
Aster falconeri
Aster fanjingshanicus
Aster farreri
Aster fendleri
Aster flaccidus
Aster foliaceus
Aster × frikartii
Aster furcatus
Aster glabrifolius
Aster glehni
Aster gracilentus
Aster grandiflorus
Aster haplopappus
Aster hayatae
Aster heterochaeta
Aster heterolepis
Aster himalaicus
Aster hololachnus
Aster hypoleucus
Aster iinumae
Aster indamellus
Aster infirmus
Aster integrifolius
Aster ionoglossus
Aster jeffreyanus
Aster kantoensis
Aster koraiensis
Aster laevigatus
Aster laevis
Aster laka
Aster lanceolatus
Aster lanuginosus
Aster lateriflorus
Aster latibracteatus
Aster ledophyllus
Aster leucopappus
Aster likiangensis
Aster linariifolius
Aster lingulatus
Aster linosyris
Aster lowrieanus
Aster macrophyllus
Aster maritimus
Aster megalanthus
Aster microcephalus
Aster miyagii
Aster modestus
Aster molliusculus
Aster mongolicus
Aster morrisonensis
Aster nemoralis
Aster nepaulensis
Aster novae-angliae
Aster novi-belgii
Aster oblongifolius
Aster occidentalis
Aster ontarionis
Aster oolentangiensis
Aster oregonensis
Aster paludosus
Aster patens
Aster paternus
Aster pattersonii
Aster paucicapitatus
Aster pekinensis
Aster perfoliatus
Aster pilosus
Aster pinnatifidus
Aster praealtus
Aster prainii
Aster prenanthoides
Aster pringlei
Aster ptarmicoides
Aster puniceus
Aster pyrenaeus
Aster radula
Aster radulinus
Aster sagittifolius
Aster salwinensis
Aster savatieri
Aster scaber
Aster sedifolius
Aster sericeus
Aster shortii
Aster sibiricus
Aster sikkimensis
Aster souliei
Aster spathulatus
Aster spathulifolius
Aster spectabilis
Aster stracheyi
Aster subspicatus
Aster subulatus
Aster taiwanensis
Aster tataricus
Aster tauricoides
Aster techinensis
Aster thomsonii
Aster tientschuanensis
Aster tongolensis
Aster tricephalus
Aster trinervius
Aster tsarungensis
Aster turbinellus
Aster umbellatus
Aster undulatus
Aster verticillata
Aster viscidulus
Aster walteri
Aster yomena
Aster yunnanensis

Last updated:09 Jul 2022