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Family: begoniaceae

General resources

Species of Begonia

Begonia hybrids and unidentified species
Begonia aborensis
Begonia acetosa
Begonia acida
Begonia aconitifolia
Begonia albo-picta
Begonia anaimalaiensis
Begonia angularis
Begonia × argenteogutta
Begonia × argenteoguttata
Begonia barkeri
Begonia baumannii
Begonia × benaratensis
Begonia × benariensis
Begonia × bertinii
Begonia bipinnatifida
Begonia boisiana
Begonia boliviensis
Begonia bowerae
Begonia boweri
Begonia brevirimosa
Begonia carolineifolia
Begonia × cheimantha
Begonia chitoensis
Begonia chlorosticta
Begonia × chungii
Begonia cinnabarina
Begonia cleopatrae
Begonia coccinea
Begonia convolvulacea
Begonia corallina
Begonia cucullata
Begonia decora
Begonia deliciosa
Begonia diadema
Begonia dichotoma
Begonia domingensis
Begonia dregei
Begonia emeiensis
Begonia × erythrophylla
Begonia falciloba
Begonia fenicis
Begonia flaviflora
Begonia floccifera
Begonia foliosa
Begonia formosana
Begonia gehrtii
Begonia geraniifolia
Begonia geranioides
Begonia goegoensis
Begonia goudotii
Begonia grandis
Begonia handelii
Begonia hemsleyana
Begonia henryi
Begonia heracleifolia
Begonia herbacea
Begonia hernandioides
Begonia × hiemalis
Begonia hirtella
Begonia holtonis
Begonia homonyma
Begonia × hybrida
Begonia hydrocotylifolia
Begonia imperialis
Begonia incarnata
Begonia ionophylla
Begonia iridescens
Begonia isoptera
Begonia josephi
Begonia kingiana
Begonia leprosa
Begonia listada
Begonia longialata
Begonia longiciliata
Begonia luxurians
Begonia luzonensis
Begonia maculata
Begonia manicata
Begonia masoniana
Begonia monophylla
Begonia nelumbiifolia
Begonia nepalensis
Begonia nigritarum
Begonia octopetala
Begonia odorata
Begonia palmata
Begonia parilis
Begonia parviflora
Begonia pavonina
Begonia pedatifida
Begonia pendula
Begonia peninsulae
Begonia picta
Begonia pinglinensis
Begonia rajah
Begonia ravenii
Begonia reniformis
Begonia rex
Begonia rex-cultorum
Begonia rockii
Begonia roxburghii
Begonia scharffiana
Begonia semperflorens
Begonia × semperflorens-cultorum
Begonia sikkimensis
Begonia silletensis
Begonia sinensis
Begonia sizemoreae
Begonia socotrana
Begonia soli-mutata
Begonia stigmosa
Begonia subnummularifolia
Begonia subvillosa
Begonia sutherlandii
Begonia taiwaniana
Begonia taliensis
Begonia tayabensis
Begonia thiemei
Begonia × tuberhybrida
Begonia tuberhybrida-cultorum
Begonia tuberhybridacultorum
Begonia tuberosa
Begonia urophylla
Begonia venosa
Begonia xanthina

Last updated:09 Jul 2022